SAE Institute Transitions to Online Learning During Stay-At-Home

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3 Jun 2020

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SAE Institute Transitions to Online Learning During Stay-At-Home

3 Jun 2020

To protect our students and staff from the effects of the COVID-19 virus, SAE Institute has decided to transition to a temporary online learning program. This program started at our New York audio school and has been rolled out to the rest of our USA campuses. 

Since our audio technology and entertainment business programs are very hands-on, moving to an online program is no easy feat. With SAE Institute’s relationship with software vendors, we are able to provide students with trial programs at no extra cost. SAE Institute is confident that all our students will have the same learning experience and opportunities while staying safe at home. In addition, the opportunity to study and collaborate with others is a valuable skill to have in the audio technology industry, as students will have to communicate with others in different states and even different countries as they get into their careers.

Dr. Michele Ernst, Chief Academic and Compliance Officer at SAE Institute said “Despite some challenges, the move online has been incredibly rewarding… Our early focus was to ensure all faculty were comfortable and familiar with the new approach to teaching online. The next step was to help students become familiar with online learning approaches and to build their confidence in studying remotely. The result has seen students engaged in an interactive, fun, and collaborative way of online learning.”  

Dr. Ernst plans for a gradual return to campus as the COVID-19 circumstances change and it is safe for their students and faculty. However, as of right now, SAE Institute’s priority is to protect the health and well-being of all staff and students. To view the full press release and get more information about SAE Institute’s stay at home learning, click here.