SAE Institute Preparing for CARES Act

Atlanta, GA -

Chicago, IL -

Emeryville, CA -

Miami, FL -

Nashville, TN -

New York, NY

3 Jun 2020

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SAE Institute Preparing for CARES Act

3 Jun 2020

SAE Institute is eligible for The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund due to the COVID-19 virus and disruptions. This relief fund is part of the Education and Stabilization Fund within the CARES Act that “provides for direct financial aid to students and for institutes to be supported in the changes to the delivery of programs due to COVID-19.”

With this grant, our creative media institution plans to provide eligible students with emergency financial aid to handle any and all COVID-19 expenses. This includes food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, and child care. We hope that this relief fund greatly helps all eligible students during this troubled time.

For any eligible students actively studying in the April module at our Miami or NYC audio schools, or studying for the summer semester at the Atlanta, Chicago, Emeryville, or Nashville audio schools, we plan to distribute these funds as quickly as possible. We are still assessing the requirements of the grant and determining how to distribute it fairly. As we get more information and a detailed plan, we will announce it on our website. To read more information about our grant, read the full press release here